CGI Penthouse Virtual Tour

Warsaw Penthouse: A Blend of Modern Design and Natural Elegance

Immerse yourself in the splendor of Warsaw’s skyline with our 360 VR Virtual Tour of a luxurious penthouse. Designed by MODESI and HOMO DECO, this top-floor residence epitomizes contemporary elegance.

3D Rendering Project Highlights:

  • Sophisticated Design: The penthouse boasts a design that harmonizes interesting details with a simple, balanced style, ensuring the space is not overwhelmed.
  • Color and Character: Calm, main colors create a canvas for showcasing the individual character of residents through unique shapes and accents.
  • Connection with Nature: Terraces adorned with lush greenery bring nature closer, offering residents a tranquil retreat.

Creating the Virtual Experience:

  • Intricate Modeling: Our team has meticulously modeled the apartment’s architecture, complete with realistic shaders, and captured the essence of the surrounding environment.
  • Detailed Visualization: Through rendering and post-production, we’ve extracted minute details to faithfully recreate the atmosphere of the penthouse.
  • A Journey of Relaxation: The VR tour invites viewers to explore this serene haven, offering a glimpse into the lifestyle the penthouse affords.

Join us at 3D Corner as we showcase the pinnacle of modern living through our expert 3D visualizations​​.

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About project

A beautiful and spacious penthouse on the top floor of a residential building designed by MODESI and HOMO DECO. The design has many interesting details while maintaining a simple and balanced style without overloading the space. Calm main colors provide space to show the individual character of residents in the form of interesting shapes or colors. The open space of the terraces developed with greenery opens the apartment to nature and gives the residents space to relax.

Visualizations in the final stages go through a post-production process in order to extract the smallest details and create the true atmosphere on the visualization.


The project included modelling of the apartment architecture with realistic shaders, modelling all surrounding environments to show the design idea, rendering and post-production of the 3d visualizations.


Designer Michał Balcerak

Art Director Artur Tamioła

Project category

Interiors, Virtual Tour

Software used