In 2012, we founded the 3D Corner studio, transforming into a limited company in 2017. We transferred our experience to further projects in the field of architectural visualizations – archviz, and we expanded our range of services. We started creating realistic 3D models of products and their studio settings, as well as photo arrangements for catalogs, replacing traditional photos.


We are constantly extending the possibilities of 3D CGI, working on more extensive and more demanding projects for clients around the world discovering the beauty of CGI 3D visualization art constantly. 


3D CGI visualizations are a continual passion for us. That’s why we approach each project individually, carefully, and with full commitment. The experience we have gained over the past decade allows us to create leading-edge 3D visualizations for you. 



Our vision is to craft 3D renderings that speak for you.


Our mission is to show through 3D visualizations the story behind your idea.


Our values are to always create images passionately and to the highest possible quality, to be curious and continually push the limits of what is currently possible.

Our team

Good ideas deserve outstanding visualizations

Tomasz Kluj, CEO, Art Director.

Tomasz Kluj

CEO, Art Director, CGI Generalist

Founder of the 3D Corner, Art Director and 3D Generalist with a degree in Physics from the University of Science and Technology in Kraków and with 15 years of experience in 3D graphic design, 3D animation and Virtual Reality. 3D CGI visualizations are a continual passion me. That’s why I approach each project individually, carefully, and with full commitment. The experience gained over the past decade allows me to create leading-edge 3D visualizations.

Michał Balcerak

Michał Balcerak

Graphic Designer

CGI enthusiast who has degrees in both Interior Design and Architecture from Lodz University of Technology. He has gained his experience by working with various private clients and architectural offices on different projects. He finds it most interesting to work on high-end interior Architectural Models of residential spaces with cutting edge designs.

Adam Kaczprzak

Adam Kaczprzak

Graphic Designer

Senior 3D artist with more than eight years of experience. His goal is to gain high-quality final renderings in the shortest possible time. However, like painting on canvas, making high-quality 3D visualizations needs time. In his free time, he studies courses of high-class International photographers from the USA, and use this knowledge to create visualizations.

Mateusz Klamrowski

Mateusz Klarmowski

Graphic Designer, VFX Motion Specialist

CGI Generalist with a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and with 15 years of experience in 3D graphic design and 3D animation. His specialization is movie and advertising compositions and VFX effects. He creates designs rich in texture, color and light. Inspired by broadly understood innovation, which he constantly follows and experiments using the possibilities offered by modern technologies.

Wojciech Stróż

Wojciech Stróż

Graphic Designer, Architect

CGI Generalist with a degree in Architecture from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Architectural visualisation is the core of his work at the same time his greatest passion. The CGI industry is evolving all the time so he makes sure that we do not stand still, constantly developing skills to provide the client with the best product possible.