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Outdoor Teak Furniture – Full CGI 3D Visualization

Welcome to a new dimension in outdoor furniture design. Our latest project at 3D Corner showcases the epitome of contemporary outdoor living through the immersive visualization of teak furniture. Set against the backdrop of a modern patio with a serene pool, our CGI 3D rendering breathes life into exterior design.

3D Rendering Project Details:

  • 3D Modeling: Meticulous attention to realistic materials, texture, and design details, capturing the essence of teak’s natural beauty.
  • Composition: Masterfully arranged scenes emphasizing space, comfort, and style that invite viewers into a virtual yet tangible world.
  • Lighting: Expertly crafted lighting enhances the wood’s texture and the outdoor setting’s ambiance, ensuring a realistic and inviting scene.
  • Rendering and Post-Production: High-fidelity visuals produced with state-of-the-art technology, culminating in images that are not just seen but felt.

3D Visual Impact

Our full CGI 3D visualization takes you on a journey through a luxurious outdoor setting, where every piece of furniture tells a story of elegance and comfort. The atmospheric visuals serve not just as a showcase of products but as an inspiration for modern exterior design.

Through this project, we aim to illustrate how advanced 3D visualization can transform ordinary furniture into an extraordinary outdoor experience. We believe in creating visuals that do more than just display products – they evoke emotions, inspire ideas, and set new standards in exterior design.

Your Next Step

Dreaming of revolutionizing your outdoor space? Contact us at 3D Corner to transform your vision into a visual masterpiece.

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About project

The project included 3D modelling with realistic materials, composition and lighting, rendering and post-production of the visualizations.


This full CGI 3D  visualization shows atmospheric furniture, which can be used to achieve an extremely modern design.


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Exteriors, Products

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