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Compact Apartments Full CGI 3D Visualization

3D Visualization Project Overview

Our “Compact Apartments” project is a remarkable 3D visualization of economical and compact terraced housing, designed for those seeking quality living outside the hustle of city life. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating architectural visualizations that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient.

3D Rendering Project Details

This visualization focuses on:

  1. Architecture Modeling: We modeled the architecture of compact terraced houses, aiming to capture their efficiency and appeal in a non-premium price segment.
  2. Environmental Context: The project includes detailed modeling of the surrounding terrain, featuring large meadows and forests, to provide a sense of tranquility and immersion in nature.
  3. Realistic Shaders and Rendering: Employing realistic shaders and advanced rendering techniques, we brought these compact apartments to life, showcasing them in their best light.
  4. Post-Production Excellence: In the final stage, we fine-tuned the visualizations to ensure they accurately reflect the quality and atmosphere of the housing.

Why This Matters for Your Business

For property developers and real estate marketers, this project demonstrates how effective 3D visualization can be in showcasing affordable housing options. Our services offer a compelling way to present such projects, highlighting their design and functionality.

Connect With Us

At 3D Corner, we are passionate about creating visualizations that meet the needs of modern living. Contact us to learn how our 3D visualization services can enhance your residential projects.

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About project

The project included modelling of the house architecture with realistic shaders, modelling all surrounding environment to reflect the feel of the place, rendering and post-production of the 3d visualizations.

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