Car Workshop LED Lighting Full CGI 3D Visualization

3D Visualization Project Overview

3D Corner’s latest visualization project showcases the sophisticated interior lighting of a car workshop using LED strips mounted in aluminum LED profiles. This visualization is part of our series focusing on aluminum profiles for LED strips, demonstrating our expertise in both product and interior visualizations.

3D Rendering Project Details

  1. Focused Lighting Design: Highlighting the effectiveness of LED lighting in a functional space like a car workshop. The LED strips provide bright, even illumination, ideal for detailed work areas.
  2. Technical Modeling: The project involved accurate modeling and shading of the aluminum LED profiles, ensuring a realistic and detailed representation.
  3. Scene Composition and Rendering: Our team meticulously designed the overall scene, ensuring that the lighting effectively demonstrates the capabilities of the product within a practical setting.

Why This Matters for Your Business

For businesses specializing in industrial or retail spaces, this visualization project highlights the importance of effective lighting solutions. It showcases how well-designed LED lighting can enhance functionality and aesthetics in a workspace.

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About project

Project covered modeling and shading of the aluminium LED profile, lighting of the product. Overall scene modeling, lighting, rendering with postproduction.

Project category

Interiors, Products

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