Late Evening Office Full CGI 3D Visualization

3D Visualization Project Overview

The “Late Evening Office” project features a breathtaking exterior visualization of an office building at night. This photorealistic night architectural visualization showcases the building’s design in a unique and captivating light, emphasizing its modernity and elegance.

3D Rendering Project Details

  1. Night Visualization: The project focuses on the night lighting of the office building, highlighting the impact of artificial lighting on the building’s architectural features and overall ambiance.
  2. Foliage Modeling: To enhance the realism of the scene, foliage modeling was included, adding depth and natural elements to the night setting.
  3. Rendering and Post-Production: The visualization process involved meticulous rendering and post-production, ensuring that the final images are not only realistic but also artistically compelling.

Why This Matters for Your Business

For real estate developers, architects, and marketers, this project exemplifies the power of architectural visualization in highlighting a building’s design and atmosphere, particularly during the evening. It demonstrates how effective visualization can enhance the appeal of commercial properties.

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About project

Project for the night lighting of the office building visualization included only foliage modeling,  lighting, rendering and post production.



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