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3D Visualization of the ultralight tourist AXEL Sailplane

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About project

AXEL is a safe and easy to fly ultralight tourist sailplane equipped with an engine enabling self-start and increasing the range. A trailer dedicated to AXEL glider allows the pilot to organize flights on his own. This product is the freedom you can enjoy at an affordable price and without unnecessary formalities.

Nothing beats the power of 3D CGI photorealistic product visualizations. These stunningly realistic models allow potential customers to get up close and personal with the sailplane before it even enters serial production, giving them a true sense of the experience that awaits them.

So whether you’re an experienced pilot or a first-time flyer, the AXEL sailplane is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their love of aviation to new heights. And with 3D CGI photorealistic product visualizations from 3D Corner, you can experience the true beauty and power of this incredible machine like never before.

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